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>>Per Lundberg <per-lund at> wrote:
>>>A big problem for me is that I'm always very tensed. 
>>Hello? So whattsa big deal? You're probably skinny and ectomorphic,
>>too. So, like, get used to it, okay? 
>>Lay off the caffeine and realize you will always be hyper-sensitive.

>Now that wasn't very nice.  What if Per Lundberg is suffering
>akathesic side-effects from psychopharmacological intervention?  Then
>you'd really feel bad, wouldn't you?  No...then again, probably not.

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No, that wasn't very nice. Pardon my hyperreflexia, but I am an
ectomorphic wasp, destined to jump at anything, tense from the moment
I wake.

Aside from some minor problems, which I won't get into here, I am, and
always have been, HIGH STRUNG. 

I am suggesting that Mr. Lindberg's "problem" may simply be
constitutional and hereditary.

 I am not a doctor, and of course any discomfort with  day to day
existence must needs be checked to rule out any sort of pathology,

So we agree, and I thank you for the opportunity to correct the tone
of my statement.


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