HELP with infantile spasms

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Wed Mar 20 08:04:18 EST 1996

On 16 Mar 1996, Kim Martel wrote:

> Hello.
> I am the mother of a 2yr. old girl with infantile spasms. We've been
> through all the typical and some atypical therapies. All tests
> performed have come back normal, except she has an abnormal EEG. Is
> there anyone out there with some fresh ideas?
> Please Help. Thank you,
> Kim (kmartel at
I assume you have tried EEG biofeedback.  Well try this.  When she is
starting to have a spasm gentle push her eyes in the OPPOSITE direction
she would normally have them in during the spasm.  This may stop the
spasm from occuring.  She may be able to use this procedure to stop
it herself. I hope it works for you.  Ron Blue

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