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Dear neuronetters,

                  Fred Zaman <zamanlf at aol.com> leaves
without response the important remarks against his in-
terventions, and permits himself to write that I fail
to understand whether or not electromagnetic theory
(in physical science, I suppose, not on Fred Zamans')
provides a general theoretical approach to brain wave
dynamics and consciousness.  He omitted all analysis
or discussion of the evidences signaled to him in con-

                 He brings on some simplistic examples,
taken from divulgatory interpretations of the history
of science, evincing that who knows not the history
is condemned to repeat it. 

                 He also tries to elude the objections by
presenting them as if he were summoned to apply a Lavoi-
sier-Lagrange positionary astronomy to establish deter-
ministically the brain as a system, and tries to "win" a
point signaling that physics changed since those perspec-
tives were generally held, presenting himself as a sort
of champion of statistical dynamics but omitting to pro-
vide even a minor account of his successes in the field.

                  He seemed to think that our netters
could be impressed by such kind of allegations. 

                 He claims to possess indubitable evi-
dence to link consciousness with axonal discharges,
comparing himself with Einstein in that he claims to ha-
ve some views that "represents a novel application of
electromagnetic theory to a problem in neurophysiology 
--/-- that has remained unsolved for many decades". No
passed peer review nor experimental replication is indicated.
He menaces to present his views at a gathering expressly
designed to make room to speculation, but he fails to
honestly categorize his presentation as such.

                 He seems not being aware of what such a
huge claim signifies. It seems to me that he is playing at
some kind of play impersonating scientists as children do.

               In claiming that "the magnetic field /.../
also may be directly related to consciousness" he tries to
tell -to a hylozoist as myself!- that "consciousness is phy-
sical", seemingly because of considering it necessary.

                He eluded completely to deal even with the
issue of magnetic sources as generally envisaged in physics,
not even discussing Schwinger's treatment; and informs us that
for those lacking the vision to see "his" views the future
of "a science of consciousness" is not wide open.

                Not only I find unuseful trying to further ex-
change opinions since Zaman's evinces to have the politics of
not reading what is addressed to him, but I find him lacking
every aptitude to grasp the remarks pointed to him. So in or-
der to avoid new losses of time I shall abandon Zaman on his
monologue at this point.

                      Cyberkisses for everybody!


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