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> On Mon, 18 Mar 1996 15:48:34 GMT, James Ferguson
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> >>  What if Per Lundberg is suffering
> >> akathesic side-effects from psychopharmacological intervention?
> >
> >Could someone describe these side-effects?
> >Is this the same as Paxil withdrawal?
> >
> >Thanks.
> Akathesia is typically described by my clients as wanting to "crawl
> out of their bodies."  They go on to complain that this is the most
> uncomfortable feeling they have ever experienced...almost an "inner
> need for movement or repetitive stimulation."  
> Behaviorally, individuals with akathesia may present as figity or
> hyperactive.  
> This side-effect, in my opinion, is the single most important factor
> in certain psychopharmacological intervention non-compliance
> (particularly, neuroleptic intervention).
> Jeff
I have PTSD because my extreme akathisia wasn't treated at the
time properly,the staff thought it was me,they wouldn't believe
what I said,it wen't on for eight weeks at a suicidle level,my
life has been fucked ever since,the medical profession don't give
a flying shit about the screwed up results of their mis-use of
these agents,you have no idea,I can't talk to anyone,how can I
explain a feeling that is beyond words,I just get fobbed off.
Life Is Hell Sometimes.
Always haunted.

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