OPCA: Looking for support groups

John Cottingham jcott at ionet.net
Mon Mar 25 08:39:01 EST 1996

In article <4isevv$bkp at news.gdi.net>, Jim Rosemond <jim at n-jcenter.com> wrote:
>A family member suffers with Olivopontocerabellar Atrophy.  He would like 
>to contact others who do, too.

Jim, OPCA is one of the Parkinson's plus syndromes. Email support is available 
on the parkinsn list. Patient support groups exist in many areas under the 
auspices of the American Parkinson's Disease Assn. A toll free call to 
them at 1-(800)223-2732 probably will be fruitful.

A care-giver list is also available by e-mail for OPCA/Parkinson's care-givers.

To subscribe to the parkinsn list send email to:

listserv at vm.utcc.utoronto.ca

In the body of the message put FOUR WORDS:

subscribe parkinsn Jim YourLastName

Within a few minutes you will receive an acknowledgement that your name has been 
added to the list.

To subscribe to the CARE list for caregivers, send email to:

listserv at miamiu.muohio.edu

In the body of the message put FOUR WORDS:

SUBscribe CARE (your full_name)

Within a few minutes an acknowledgement will be received.

Information is also available on OPCA on the Undernet Chat Network Parkinsons 
channel. The channel is available 24 hours a day but isn't fully manned until 
8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Central time. An online library is available with 
descriptions of over 300 Parkinson's terms.


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