Prions? CJD/BSE Connection...

Dave Curtis dcurtis at
Fri Mar 29 00:35:28 EST 1996

stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI (Dag Stenberg) wrote:

>  It is very unlikely that prions from sheep (in which the disease is
>called scrapie) have anything to do with CJD in man. Nobody has been
>able to find any evidence of transfection from either sheep or cows to

That's what's just changed. The scientists reviewing it have now seen
ten cases where they think the probable cause is transfection from cow
to man. They think these people probably got CJD from eating beef. I
heard that two were children at the same school, which makes such an
infective cause extremely plausible. 

If it can happen at all then the question is: how often? Nobody knows

Dave Curtis

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