Electromagnetism (response to paul bush)

GARY KELLY MADMTN at sisna.com
Wed Mar 27 13:56:10 EST 1996

	To:         Paul Bush

	I read your response to Mr. Zaman On his post on Brain 
Electromagnetism and I hope you will pardon me if I don’t fall down and 
kiss your credentials and diploma.  You see I have known “Experts” like 
you. The history of science is full of them.  Which one are you?
	Lets see if we can find you.   Are you among the “Experts” in 
carbon chemistry that “Know all the possible forms of carbon that 
exist”  and therefore discount any experiments or thinking that were 
responsible for the development and discovery of Buckey Balls and the 
resultant  developmental  explosion?  Or are you among those  
superconductivity experts that  stated and proved that there was a 
class  of materials  “no respectable researcher would spend his time 
in”  because they couldn’t possibly be used in super conductivity and 
were later proven to be the exact class of materials that did support 
the processes.  But because of big mouths like yours that  parrot the 
“accepted lines of research” drive truly innovative, creative research 
underground and make others afraid to speak, participate or otherwise 
engage in facilitating change in science.  Or maybe your really  Marvin 
Minsky who stopped “authorized” work on neural networks dead in its 
tracks for twenty years until the results were so dramatic they could 
no longer be contained.
	Oh yes mr bush I know you and your kiss ass kind.  I worked 
with them 
and  have seen how they impede progress and use intimidation and 
ignorance to try to stop original thinking.

	Thank God for the unstopable human spirit.   

	Incidentally since you have such a closed mind why don’t you 
also shut your mouth.

Respectfully Submitted

Gary E. Kelly

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