Bell's Palsy

Marguerite Lynch aa196 at
Thu Mar 28 15:45:46 EST 1996

Request information, whether based on professional 
knowledge or personal experience, on Bell's Palsy. I was recently afflicted 
with a severe case 
and I'm more than mildly interested in all aspects of what I can expect in 
months to come. Generally, I'm curious about the chances of 
complete recovery. Specifically, I'm interested in the why's and 
wherefore's of varying neck and ear pain; the pros and cons of 
taping/patching an eye that will not close; the likelihood of a connection 
between Bell's Palsy and recently suffered  
surgery and severe stress; and the extenuating circumstances which resulted 
in PM Chretien's particular deformity.
Please reply by e-mail. Your time and effort will be most appreciated. 


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