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Andy:  I just noticed this post.  You should read some of the articles on 
the auto-responder.  There is Senator Metzenbaum's bill and he went over 
the problems surfacing in the population in l985 and wanted independent 
studies done by NIH, not funded by the manufacturer.  Its mentioned it 
changes the dopamine level of the brain!  Thats what first started my 
research on aspartame.  I had a friend with Parkinson's who was acting 
like a windup toy out-of-control!  He was on NutraSweet!  Thats when I 
met Dr. Roberts, author of books and publications on aspartame.  He said: 
"Get him off quick, it changes the dopamine level of the brain - it can 
kill him."  It almost did.  A week off aspartame all the crazy leg 
kicking and arm swinging stopped.  

How can you trust the studies by the manufacturer since some were the 
target of an indictment for fraud that was never carried out because the 
US attorney (Skinner) went to work for the law firm defending the case 
instead of indicting them.  Independen studies show aspartame to be a poison.

If you haven't seen Dr. Morgan Raiford's report on how aspartame destroys 
the optic nerve and the nervous system let me know and I''ll send it to you.


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On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Andrew K. Groves wrote:

> In article <grant-2811951827450001 at>,
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> > So, what are some solid studies on aspartame and demyelinating autoimmune
> > disorders (MS, CIDP, whatever)?
> > 
> There are none. Similarly for Parkinson's. (Actually, there was one for
> Parkinson's that showed no effect on motor function during the period of
> the experiment).
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