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Sat Mar 30 19:13:29 EST 1996

Betty Martini (betty at wrote:
: Andy:  I just noticed this post.  You should read some of the articles on 
: the auto-responder.  There is Senator Metzenbaum's bill and he went over 
: the problems surfacing in the population in l985 and wanted independent 
: studies done by NIH, not funded by the manufacturer.  Its mentioned it 
: changes the dopamine level of the brain!  Thats what first started my 
: research on aspartame.  I had a friend with Parkinson's who was acting 

Betty: I see you have moved off the MS list - and are moving on ... 
please continue moving on ........  save the world but we are getting 
getting tired of it. Move on. Or another suggestion - go write a book!
(not on the net) I'm sure the neuroscientists are well versed in 
Nutrasweet and they do not need an "education in brain functionn

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