Electromagnetism (response to paul bush)

Paul Bush paul at phy.ucsf.edu
Sun Mar 31 18:57:59 EST 1996

In article <31596d6f.0 at news.sisna.com>, MADMTN at sisna.com (GARY KELLY) writes:

|> 	I read your response to Mr. Zaman On his post on Brain 
|> Electromagnetism and I hope you will pardon me if I don’t fall down and 
|> kiss your credentials and diploma.

Consider yourself pardoned. Do you have any knowledge or understanding of the
issues being discussed?

|>  You see I have known “Experts” like 
|> you. The history of science is full of them.  Which one are you?
|> <list deleted>
|> Or maybe your really  Marvin 
|> Minsky who stopped “authorized” work on neural networks dead in its 
|> tracks for twenty years until the results were so dramatic they could 
|> no longer be contained.

This statement indicates your lack of knowledge on this subject.
But to answer your general point: For every example you mentioned, there are 1000
crackpot theories proposed. You can choose to ignore them until they go away, or,
if you have a spare 5 minutes and happen to be struck by the inappropriate
attitude of the proposer, you can refute their claims.

|> 	Oh yes mr bush I know you and your kiss ass kind.  I worked with them 
|> and  have seen how they impede progress and use intimidation and 
|> ignorance to try to stop original thinking.

So you were thrown out of science because you are too 'creative'? I am sorry you
are so bitter about it.

|> 	Incidentally since you have such a closed mind why don’t you 
|> also shut your mouth.

Your crude attempt at censorship is noted and summarily rejected.

|> Respectfully Submitted

This is either

1) evidence that you don't know what 'repectfully' means.
2) an unsuccessful attempt at humor.


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