Speaking the Unspoken

Simon Schultz schultz at axp01.mrc-bbc.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 15 03:10:47 EST 1996

On 14 May 1996, Kevin Spencer wrote:

> Does anyone else feel the same as I do, that the science orientation of
> this newsgroup would be better preserved if it was moderated?  Another
> newsgroup, perhaps "alt.neuroscience.speculative" could be created for
> postings such as this.  It seems to me that in recent months the signal-
> to-noise ratio of this group has declined.  Or maybe it's just that I
> haven't had my coffee yet today. :)
> Kevin

I certainly agree. And unfortunately, I do not believe it is possible 
that people will voluntarily sort their posts out into 
"alt.neuroscience.pure_fiction" and "bionet.neuro_science_". I'm sure 
that many of these people don't even realise that what they are doing is 
not science at all. (Feynman's "Cargo-Cult Science" depiction springs to 
mind). However, barring someone having vast amounts of free time to review 
posts, I suspect that the problem is insoluble. A certain amount of 
harmless quackery can be tolerated - however, if it reaches a certain 
level, I suspect it will begin to dissuade real scientific discussion 
from this forum.


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