WARNING: Dendritic Spreading

Paul Bush paul at phy.ucsf.edu
Wed May 22 13:38:05 EST 1996

In article <31A2BAD2.14D9 at planetc.com>, Jared Blackburn <blackjar at planetc.com> writes:
|> > What are you suggesting we should replace neuroleptic treatment with?
|> > Should we go back to forced ice water immersions and strapping people to 
|> > their beds? Or should we just leave schizophrenics untreated?
|> In most cases, NOTHING!  

Brilliant solution, Einstein. Don't call us.

|> > What exactly is 'dendritic spreading'? Do you know the meaning or 
|> > significance of this phrase? Or is it a recently invented 'scare phrase'?
|> The spreading of the message an dinfluence of an anti-psychiatric 
|> organization called "Dendron."

And this is a 'brain change' due to anti-psychiatric drugs? Did you even read the
original post?

Wait, maybe they are the same thing after all.


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