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:>W.J. Freeman’s Mass Action in the Nervous System (Academic Press, New
:>York, 1975) provides a conceptual background for the development of PDE
:>models. I am developing a PDE model for the “Circulatory Mass Action”
:>(CMA) of the neocortex, which is based on the research of M. Verzeano
:>(1954-1981). Verzeano found that the pulse density wave (PDW) of multiunit
:>axon discharge is related to the rate-of-change of the locally generated
:>extracellular gross wave. The CMA model accounts for these relations
:>through an electromagnetic paradigm in which the PDW represents a
:>neocortical “magnetic current.” The PDE on which this model is based is an
:>extension of Faraday’s law found in electromagnetic engineering, which
:>includes a term for magnetic current. I know of no one else doing this
:>kind of modeling. Wish I did.

Do you have a paper on this available? I'd like to look at it.
(BTW non-ASCII symbols come out funny in USENET posts :-) )

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