[long, off topic info] decussation problem

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Fri Nov 1 20:35:36 EST 1996

miandan at geocities.com wrote:


> The output of the cerebellar nuclei is excitatory, by the way.

If you understand this, then I must be skeptical with respect to 
your  questions, no? The inversion has already occurred. The 
"valley" activation "state" must =activate= the effectors so 
they'll move away from the enviornmental source of noxious 
stimulation. The "valley" activation "state" encodes the necessary 


> The bottom line is the following.  Your writing became somewhat
> more clear.  Please post a drawing and clearly explain what
> benefits decussation gives.

All the diagrams anyone needs are provided in standard Neuroanatomy 
texts, but is there a way to include diagrams in newsgroup 

What I've done is knit together the findings of the Neuroscience 
experimentalists and to use that synthesis to "fill in the gaps" 
left in conventional notions with respect to the functional 
neuroanatomy. All anyone needs to comprehend Duality Theory's 
synthesis is a copy of the "Automation of Knowing..." ms ("AoK"; 
from me, gratis), and a decent physiological Psychology text 
(better yet, graduate-level Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology texts). 
AoK should be read as a "study guide" for the material presented in 
the other texts.

With respect to the "style" of my writing... you'd have to walk in 
my shoes a bit to understand why it is as it is. I won't 
really get into what's transpired, but basically, for whatever 
reason, there are some who are obviously wanting to at least delay 
Duality Theory's coming forward. Before I came online, I'd been 
trying, for more than a decade, to get Duality Theory's 
understanding communicated (letters, telephone, papers, 
conferences, visits, etc). I've been at it online for 8 years. 
Throughout this "time", everything I've posted has been "poked", 
"prodded", and "bashed"... there have been attempts to "bury" it 
(and me, along with it). On top of all of this, my apartments have 
been repeatedly broken into, my computer trashed, and, for whatever 
reason, every "time" I've been able to "get up a head of steam", 
I've been forced to move from this city to that... and all the 
momentum I've developed crashes... so I've learned to work in 
little snippets... the message is getting communicated because 
there are folks who are collecting the snippets.

I agree with you that all of this is extremely-very-much-less than 
it should be, but it's been all that circumstances have allowed me 
to do.

If one knows the Neuroanatomy, AoK is sufficient. I'm willing to do 
anything necessary, but I cannot do all that much when I'm 
"hobbled", can I? ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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