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>I am looking for a refernce that was published last year. 

>The author was Blight et al. 1995.  Subject was kynurenic acid.

>Thanks Raj

You might do better by suppresssing the IDO with serotonin agonists
such as fenfluramine or 5-HTP. See my web site

Blight AR  Cohen TI  Saito K  Heyes MP
Quinolinic acid accumulation and functional deficits following
  experimental spinal cord injury.
In: Brain (1995 Jun) 118 ( Pt 3)( Pt 3):735-52
  Quinolinic acid (QUIN) is an excitotoxic tryptophan metabolite that
  is produced by activated macrophages. Accumulations of QUIN are
  implicated in the aetiology of a broad spectrum of human
  diseases, particularly inflammatory conditions. To determine whether
  QUIN is an endogenous neurotoxin requires agents that reduce QUIN
  synthesis, and animal models where QUIN levels increase in
  association with neurological disease. Compression injury of the
  spinal cord of guinea pigs results in secondary neurological

The search word necessary was QUIN not KYN.  

P.S. If you want to reach M. Heyes, try QUINMAN at NIH.EDU

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