Peripheral Neuropathies

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Mon Nov 4 17:14:47 EST 1996 will take you to Amgen's home page, and there you 
will find information about clinical trials in progress for neurotrophic 
factors for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

If you have trouble accessing the web page, try calling 1-800-77-AMGEN, 
or 805-447-1000 for information.

Good luck - and keep up the good work of recovery!

hbates at

dramsey at (David Ramsey) wrote:
>I've recently finished (I hope!) a battle with cancer. The
>chemotherapy treatments were quite successful but have left me with
>several peripheral neuropathies. i.e. hearing loss, a much worse sense
>of balance, numbness in the hands, and numbness in the feet.
>Is there a FAQ or some web site that I can go to to get information
>about this condition and any possible treatments that might exist for
>it? The folks at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center were great in fighting
>the cancer (I was supposed to die but I'm still alive!) but I'm
>wondering if there is somewhere that might give me more info about
>options to these neurological problems.
>Thanks in advance for any feedback on this topic!

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