Spinal Cord Scar Neutralization, Refunction In Chronic (Old) Injury.

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Mon Nov 4 17:35:08 EST 1996

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> Here's an interesting press release I found in the spinal_injury
conference a while ago.
> Comments?
>                      NEW SPINAL INJURY TREATMENT

>     A study describing the scar disrupter was published in the September
> 1 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience. It was done under the direction
> of Dr. Eldon Geisert of the University of Tennessee, Memphis. Dr.
> Geisert and coworkers identified an antibody to components of the
> spinal cord injury scar. The antibody was used to successfully disrupt
> it which allowed nerve fibers to cross the injury creating refunction.



it should probably be pointed out that the study referred to in the
september 1 issue of the journal of neuroscience doesn't actually cover
any regeneration experiments using that antibody.  it describes the
characterization and cloning of the antigen which is recognized by AMP1
(the antibody), and its localization to glial scars after stab wound to
the rat cerebral cortex.

no characterization of neuronal responses to injury (ie regeneration)
combined with AMP1 treatment were performed.  i look forward to seeing the
results from such an experiment though.


Dave Pataky
Dept of Zoology, UBC
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