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>I am concerned with electroencephalography and I followed, lately, a
>case of Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease.
>Since I have taken an interest in the matter, I am searching these
>1) Chiofalo N, Fuentes A, Galvez S: 
>Serial EEG findings in 27 cases of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease.
>Arch Neurol 37:143, 1980
>2) Au WJ, Gabor AJ, Vigayan N et al:
>Periodic lateralizing epileptiform complexes in Creutzfeld-Jakob
>Neurology 30:611, 1980
>3) Brown P, Rodgers-Johnson P, Chatala F et al:
>Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease of long duration: Clinicopathological
>characteristics, transmissibility, and differential diagnosis.
>Ann Neurol 16:295, 1984
>4) Brown P, Chatala F, Raubertas RF et al:
>The epidemiology of Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease: Conclusion of a 15-year
>investigation in France and review of the world literature.
>Neurology 37:895, 1987
>5) Brown P, Chatala F, Castaigne P et al:
>Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease: Clinical analysis of a consecutive series of
>230 neuropathologically verified cases.
>Ann Neurol 20:597, 1986
>Anybody of good wish could help me or explain me how to retrieve these
>articles on the net?
>Tank you
>Dott. F.Paolo Scarlata
><neufpat at>
>Azienda Ospedaliera "Umberto I  
>94100 Enna
>Tel. +39 935 45382

Don't know if you can get all these on the Net.  However, your local reference
library would be able to get copies for you, although there would probably be a
charge for them.

If all else draws a blank, you can go to the British Library, who would
definitely be able to send copies to you.  Try their main address at:

Their Portico service will help you pan out to look for document delivery
services as well as telling you how they can supply them themselves.
I think the BL are brilliant, but I suppose as a librarian I might be biased!!!-
Diane Pritchatt

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