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Wed Nov 6 13:20:57 EST 1996

In article <MOFFAT.16.0004E078 at>, MOFFAT at says...
>Does anybody have any information on post-doc funding sources
>for Canadian Residents.  I already know about NSERC and MRC.
>But are there other funding sources that allow some latitude
>in the place of tenure of the award.
>Alternatively, are there funding sources in the US that foreign 
>residents are allowed to apply for as long as they undertake research
>at an American institution.?

You might want to look into NATO fellowships. I came across these when
I was looking for grad school funding to come down to the U.S., but I 
don't know if they had anything at the postdoctoral level.  I ended up
getting an HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) predoctoral fellowship,
but I think the only postdoc money they have is for MDs who want to go
into research.  I'm pretty sure we're not eligible for any U.S. federal
funding (NIH, NSF, etc.), not even under NAFTA.  (I know I can't get any
support from Caltech's NIH training grants.)  Your best bet is probably 
to consider private sources of funding.  As for the NSERC, can't you take
it abroad?  The predoctoral NSERCs can (or at least could, when I was looking
at them) be taken abroad provided you could show that you really couldn't
do what you wanted to do in Canada.  I think you had to get a Canadian 
expert in the field to vouch for this fact.

Hope this helps!

- Hannah Dvorak
(one of the many, many Canadians in California)

Hannah Dvorak
Division of Biology 216-76
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125

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