Question on the power of "Hope"

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I'm sure you are right Bill. This is an issue most relevant in the
States although of course growing in the UK. I also question the drug
industry, which is of course huge. Symptom supression is a point often
raise in hypnotherapy but really, the finger here should be pointing
to the many drugs available which "control" certail conditions. Some
of there save lives of course and this is an important fact, but their
long term use is often bad for the patient and good for the drug

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>Dr. Jim Stevenson (jims at wrote:
>: The worst enemy of those who now or will need medical care is the politician 
>: who proscribes what doctors are allowed to prescribe and research,
>: .with their patients permission,
>I see an even greater danger in the Insurance companies controling health 
>care. Right now they make doctors agree to only proscribe only insurance 
>company approve treatments. You and I know that when it comes to our 
>health or the insurance/medical professions profits who will suffer.
>I wish you a GREAT DAY!!!
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