Parietal association confusion

Daniel Pouzzner
Thu Nov 7 15:10:47 EST 1996

(quoting terrence brannon brannon at
>Now to throw worms in the soup p.831 of *Principles* says that there
>is a higher-order sensory area which is the post.par.assoc.ctx BUT 
>the table lists post.par.ctx, NOT post.par.assoc.ctx.

To be sure, you're cutting hairs where there are none.
Neuroanatomical nomenclature is infamously imprecise and

But, to dig in, area 5 is still wrapped up, to a degree, with the
mappings of areas 1 and 2 (and 3), immediately anterior. The much
larger area 7 is the purely associative portion of the parietal
"lobe." Laterally, it runs up against parieto-occipital (39) and
parieto-temporal (40), and posteriorly, it runs up against
second-order associative occipital (19) ("the human video toaster").
Medially, it dives into the cerebral fissure until it runs up against
the posterior superior cingulate (31). So area 7 is what you're
looking for - posterior parietal associative.

No, I don't have all these numbers memorized :-)



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