Graduate School

Chung Bryan T 3btc at
Thu Nov 7 11:35:51 EST 1996


I am currently looking for a Masters position in a lab for next year. I am
currently in my fourth year in Biology at Queen's University in Kingston. My
current interests are in neuromuscular control and how it relates to integrated
performance of movements. I am particularly interested in the rehabilatational
facet of this subject, however, I am still exploring my options as to what
interests me. However, I believe that I would like to continue my education in
the neurosciences in some way.  I am doing a fourth year thesis in biology on the
effects of angiotensin II, AVP, osmolality and [SID] on respiration control in
pregnant women, and my other research experience is highly varied. If you have
any information, or can help me in anyway, it would greatly appreicated. Personal
e-mail is preferred, but I guess I'll take help in any form.

Bryan Chung

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