Hippocampus - replies to a question

James L. Olds olds at anatomy.org
Fri Nov 8 18:06:32 EST 1996


If what you wrote below was entirely correct, then how would you explain
the results that started to come out of Disterhoft's lab at NWU ten years
ago (and have continued to be replicated in various ways right down to
today) whereby hippocampi removed from the rabbit 24 hrs to subsequent to
classical conditioning of the nictitating membrane reflex, show biophysical
changes in K+ conductances within individual CA1 cells, that are
learning-specific (ie, appear only in isolated hippocampi from conditioned
rabbits, but not in the isolated hippocampi of control rabbits--both
explicitly unpaired groups and naives). I tend to agree with you
intellectually, but the empirical data out there needs to be delt with.

Jim Olds Jr.

James Woodson <jwoodson at ucla.edu> wrote in article
The hippocampus is believed NOT to be a locus of memory storage.
> Rather, it is currently thought to be a processing station or relay, and
> therefore, may actually serve a lesser role in humans than in less
> cortically dependent species.

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