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There is absolutely no reason to be posting this message, which
has nothing to do with neuroscience, to the neuroscience group.
This is a science group, not a social fundraiser for disadvantaged


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>>>>Help these young people reach their goal and learn a little
>>>>>something on
>>>>>>the way.
>>>>>>Derek Allen
>>>>>>Please Help me advertise my new web page!
>>>>>>I am an African American ninth grade DC public school student
>>>>>>who with two other high school students created a web page about
>>>>>Blacks >>honored by the US Post office.  In June we entered our web
>>>>page in a  Think
>>>>>>Quest contest.  October 18, 1996 Think Quest notified us that our
>>>>>entry made the finals.  The prizes include money for college. Every time
>>>>>the site is visited we gain points. When organizations write the
>>>>sponsors  and acknowledge the site, we gain credit.
>>>>>>The page is located at:
>>>>>>and the title is Stamp on Black History.
>>>>>>You can go to Yahoo and suggest a pick of the week their address is
>>>>suggest-picks at
>>>>The ThinkQuest Internet Contest internet address is Webmaster,
>>>>>Vicki C. Washington, Director
>>>>>Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Programs
>>>>>432 N. Lake Street
>>>>>501 Extension Building
>>>>>Madison, WI  53706
>>>>>(608) 262-0277
>>>>>Washington at
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