glia:neurons in brain?

G K GRAY gord at
Thu Nov 7 04:27:48 EST 1996

In article <3281334A.24C2 at>, kenneth paul collins (KPCollins at writes:
>TonyInskeep wrote:
>> Does anyone know an estimate(or relatively accurate if possible) for the
>> ratio of glia to neurons in the brain; not concerned w/ spinal cord &
>> PNS.  or a reference would be great, too?!
>The estimate one hears most often is 100 to 1, glia to neurons. However, 
>individual brains vary. Einstein's brain, for instance, was particularly 
>densely populated with glia. ken collins
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Ken's response can best be described as verging on the anecdotal
because it gives no citation. I presume I am not alone in also
wanting citations giving observed counts of such ratios of glia to
neurons, especially in the case of a known brain.


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