Dopamine CNS Pathways?

Mark Laubach laubach at
Thu Nov 7 12:37:37 EST 1996

psyc002 at (Mike Christie) wrote:


>I'm currently trying to ascertain the exact projection sites/pathways in the brain 
>for 2 major DA efferents.Currently I've got something that looks like this;

>Messolimbic pathway;
>	VTA (A10)=> Nucleus Accumbens ->Dorsal Hippocampus 	
>	-> Entorhinal cortex (-> frontal cortex?)


Don't know if you are interested in rats exclusively or higher mammals
as well, but VTA projects to more extensive parts of cortex in
primates.  Jon Kaas' group had a paper on this a few years ago in JCN.
The anatomy of rat VTA cortical projections, IMHO, has led to a good
deal of confusion about the role of DA in the primate brain.  I
remember a journal club we had here at Bowman Gray a few years ago
when I got into a disagreement with someone who believed that rat VTA
anatomy held for humans and argued that there was no DA in human
cortex outside of the prefrontal/limbic areas.  This j.c. was about
Parkinson's and I have felt for a long time that the effects of DA in
motor cortex, and also throughout the entire cortical mantle, are a
major part of what goes wrong in P.D.  Dwight German had a paper on
this anatomy in the late 1980s, if you are interested.  


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