amantadine, multiple sclerosis, sclerose en plaques

Jeff Turner jetrn at
Sun Nov 10 08:20:06 EST 1996

Hi Christian,

    I have one of the milder forms of MS.  Major symptom is extreme fa-
tigue, upon mild exertion, with intermittent bouts of total exhaustion
(no exertion required) which would last from 1 to 6 or 7 days.  My doc
had me try amantadine.  It seemed to help the fatigue, etc... BUT, it
caused insomnia.  Back to square one.
    What has helped me the most, is a suplement called Mineral Rich.  It
effectively keeps the spontaneous, intermittent bouts, at bay.  I don't
know how useful it may be, with other MS sufferers, but I've run out of
it, and had the symptoms return, enough times that I cannot write it off
to coincidence, or anything else.  This supplement is prepared in a very
specific manner (it's in solution form), and includes a few vitamins, as
    Mineral Rich is made (I think) by a company called Maximum Living,
and is distributed by,
Bay to Bay Distribution, Inc.
Mountain View, Ca  94043

I am not affiliated with this company, in any way. I just know, it works
for me.  If you're unable to find more information on it, and want it,
let me know and I'll try to help you out.


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