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Sat Nov 9 19:31:57 EST 1996

One thing I have been wondering is how do you get a new topic into the
news groups?   Maybe someone could answer this!

Your suggestion of a discussion group is interesting but what
parameters would you like to see included/excluded?  
anatomy, physiology, bioelectrocircuits, modeling, equipment,
laboratory technique, ?   
what levels of detail would be important or appropriate?  
a list of reading references, actual lab experiences, or are we
looking for an open discussion without direction.  Maybe we are going
to focus on specific topics appointing coteries from amoung the list
membership to study and summarize these electic ideas for the benefit
of the rest of us?

maybe a summary of the work that your type of group does would be
helpful to start the stimulating conversation certain to be the result
of your effort.  Something like :  the following are the fields of
endeavor which our laboratory regularly encounters:
1....., 2.......3.........
the following are the types of laboratory procedures and equpment
which our personnel regularly encounter and for which they stand ready
to respond to questions and inquiry on or about:
the subjects represent our research experience for the past 10 years?
We find an special need to more much more about the following areas:
1. ...., 2. ......., 3........,4.
The leading thinkers and writers in our field are:
1.   , 2.    , 3.  .....

I know very little about  event related potentials,
brain topography and polysomnography!  Could you explain its technique
and measurement principals? Analytically, how do you quantify the
results?  How do you calibrate your measurements?  What statistical
measures are appliced to the data?  How long and how much does it cost
to run a procedure?  How many different procedures are availalble to
your labaoratory?  Who refers to you for testing?  

"Dr. José Luis Cantero Lorente" <suesevilla at> wrote:

>Dear colleages:

>	Our group works about information processing during sleep with auditive
>evoked potentials technique and about sleep dynamics (phasic events,
>arousal cycles.....).

>	We are very interested in cognitive neuroscience and work with the
>following techniques: EEG, quantitative EEG, event related potentials,
>brain topography and polysomnography. We use in our researches odd-ball
>and N400 paradigms (coherent vs incoherent words) or any other type of
>cognitive tasks.

>	We would like to generate a discussion group about neuroscience topics,
>including information processing during sleep and sleep dynamics.

>	We are competent and serious people and think it is a good opportunity
>to learn more about the awakening/sleeping human brain.
>We work in a sleep disorders Center in our clinical practice. 
>Our reference authors in neuroscience are: Lopes da Silva, Campbell, K.;
>Halasz, P.; Terzano; Hylliard; Niiyama, Y,; Kutas, M.; Hari, R.;
>Steriade, M.; Picton, T.; Gevins, A. Naatanen; Molnar; .........

>		We hope you write soon.

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