New Papers Added To Site Collection

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New Papers Added To Site Collection

The Worlds According To Deutsch.
	An evaluation of quantum computation getting off on the wrong foot.

Correlational Opponent-Processing: A Unifying Principle by Ronald C.
Blue and Wanda Eileen Hatcher Blue (Revised Edition)
	The correlational opponent-processing theory using wavelets, quasi-
holographic memory and eigenfunction equivalence generates new
insights into many areas of psychology. The model seems especially
strong in joining many contradictory scientific facts into an unifying
whole. Significant implications from the model exist for a wide 	
range of psychological topics and principles.

Not What They Expected
	One finds supporting materials in the most unusual places. For a paper
to argue computationality in mental processes, especially
consciousness and use the Hameroff-Penrose Orchestral Objective
Reduction (Orch OR Hameroff-Penrose 1996) anti-	computational theory
as the fundemental basis of support is indeed rather unique.
Hameroff-Penrose did not intend it to be this way.

The Error Of Quantum Computing
	On the examination of error correction schemes and the argument that
such is no longer needed.

The Ricci Robot Project : Project Report
	The full 110 page piece is revised to ascii without graphics
(restricted access). This report now carries the full interpretation
of quantum mechanics used in the project as well as details on the
technology and its applications. Includes complete physical
description of the Little Ricci Noid Robot

	Even though the TAWS paper is available online there has been interest
in the complete version including all graphics, charts and pictorials.
It is available only in windows write .wri format with metafiles
included. 1.8MB. HTML version still available on the web.

These materials are available linking to the Enticy Papers Collection

Some papers are still in draft form. Comments and critiques are

Thank You.

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