Best Method of Brain Dissection

Jason Eriksen jerikse at
Sun Nov 10 12:33:49 EST 1996

pillers at wrote:

>I am attempting neocortex studies in rat and am concerned that I may not be 
>doing the best job I can in dissecting the brain.  Could anyone give me a good 
>procedure (I am using halothane to anesthetize then decapitation) or recommend 
>a resource I could use?  Any help would be appreciated.

Although you haven't stated what exactly you are doing (are you
looking for a way to anesthetize the rat, wondering how to remove the
cortical mantle or doing cryostat cuts; what is the age of the rat,
etc.), the following advice from someone who has done a lot of
cortical dissections will help:

0. Find someone who does dissections in your department and ask them

    to show you the method that they use.
1. Practice.
2. Repeat 1 as necessary.

If, after faithfully following the instructions above for a week, your
dissections are still bad, seek the advice of a higher guru in your

Jason Eriksen


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