unconscious attention

Joyce Simmerman joyce at cts.com
Sun Nov 10 22:34:06 EST 1996

Perhaps if you approach this research from the perspective of what the
reticular filtering system admits to consciousness or denies, it would
give an edge on the unconscious attention.  

lundyekl at PACIFICU.EDU ("Laurie J. Lundy-Ekman") wrote:

>Is the existence of unconscious attention accepted?  Is there a standard 
>definition for unconscious attention? I've searched Medline back to 
>1966, Psych INFO, CINAHL electronic databases, and checked Kosslyn & 
>Anderson's Frontiers in Cognitive Neuroscience text and Gazzaniga's The 
>Cognitive Neurosciences.  Any other leads would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

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