unconscious attention

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Visual Perception and Phenomenal Conciousness by Petra Stoerig and Alan
Cowey in Towards a Science of Consciousness-The first Tucson Discussions
and Debates eds SR Hameroff, AW Kaszniak, and  AC Scott 1996 isbn
0-262-08249-7  MIT Press (from an article previously Printed in
Behavioural Brain Research Vol. 71)  In this article the authors discuss
work with patients who due to lesions report not being able to see objects
do in fact respond to them.  The authors cite

Barbu, JL et al (1993) Conscious visual perception without VI Brain

Cowey adn Stoerig 1995 Blindsight in Monkeys Nature 373:247-9

Tranel, D. and AR Damasio 1985 Knowledge without awareness: An Autonomic
index of facial recognition by prosopagnosics Science 228:1453-4

Stoerig and Cowey 1993 "Blindsight and perceptual consciousness."  In
Functional anatomy of the human visual cortex, ed B Gulyas D Ottoson, and
PE Roland, Oxford Pergamon Press pp181-93

Weiskrantz, L. JL Barbur, and A Sahraie 1995 Parameters afffecting
conscious versus unconscious visual discrimination with damage to the
visual cortex (VI). PNAS USA 92:6122-6

gary schwartz has what looks like a blind smell article in the Tucson
volume as well chapter 19 "Level of Awareness and "Awareness Without
Awareness":From data to Theory.


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