Dopamine knockout mice and the reproductive axis

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Laurie Davison <ldavison at> wrote:
> it as a "dopamine knockout". My interest is predominantly in regard to 
> the reproductive axis as in some seasonally breeding species, dopamine is 
> a modulator of hypothalamo-pituitary function, supressing the axis during 
> the non-breeding season. Mice and rats are not seasonal breeders, but 
> similar supressions of gonadotropins and Prl may still apply... thus my 
> interest. Could you possibly suggest a citation or two? 

What I had was abstract 620.4 at the Annual Meeting of the Society for
Neuroscience beginning Saturday November 16 in Washington, DC.
This was a dopamine transporter knockout. Pituitaries were smaller
(anterior and intermediate lobe). D2 receptor density was decrease in
these. PRL vontent was 85% decreased in female pituitaries while GH was
reduced by 70% in both males and females. These are interpreted as the
results of hyperdomainergia due to the transporter inhibition. Ergo:
1) hypothalamic dopamine uptake is physiologically relevant, 2) dopamine
exerts a crucial control on pituitary gland development.
  Look in Medline for possible published work nby the authors: R.Bosse,
F.Fumagalli, C.Missale, M.Jaber, B.Giros, M.G.Caron. Caron apparently
boss. HHMI Labs, Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham,
  Sorry have no time to find out for myself - give my last lecture for
this term (on circulation, nothing interesting even) in 10 min and 
then off to the Neuroscience meeting...

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