LSD Psychotherapy

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Thu Nov 14 23:20:42 EST 1996

Switzerland was doing it 5 years ago when I was living there.  When all of
the other 1st world countries followed the US lead in declaring LSD
unequivocally dangerous, the Swiss apparently asked their resident expert,
Sandoz biochemist Hoffman. His message was something to the effect of
while  it's not something wise to party on, it does have  high potential
for psychotherapy.  The Swiss, known for their independence, etc., decided
to OK it for psychotherapy by 100 specially licensed psychiatrists (the
Swiss also like round numbers).  In 1990, a patient committed suicide
after an LSD session, the first such death ever.  Use of LSD in therapy
was suspended, but reinstated after an investigation concluded that the
LSD use was likely not a factor.  I've met Swiss people who have gone
through such therapy, as a rare part of more conventional therapy, and it
would seem to be gently, thoughtfully, and responsibly conducted.  I was
told they started with a small dose of MDMA to ease the transition to the
LSD state. 

Where does your interest stem from?

Yosef Klancnik

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