Do people interact like neurons?

john John at
Thu Nov 14 17:34:30 EST 1996

Hypothesis:- Maybe people interact with each other, like neurons in a brain.

A typical neuron of a neural network is a point, with one line output and
several line inputs.
The point selects some inputs above the others, by various methods depending
on wether its in a living brain or a computer made of silicon.
This selecting is known as wieghting, in the studies of both biological
or artificial neural nets.

Now I want to see if I can model a person interacting with others
with a simarlar simple patern of a persons input and output as the above 
How people select what other person characters output effects them, as an
input, seems very important for controling their lives.
In turn their output is also selected to.

My interest is to see if it may help if we more consciously chose which 
persons output to select, all be it less of a natural selection.
This is because some people seem to need more control of themselves to get 
themselves to do more good for themselves.
The example of the kamakazee piolets of ww2 japan, seems an example where
people give to much for the society they interacted with.
But in many human storys many seem to restrict themselves and even harm
themselves without showing much obvious signs of charitable behaviour.


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