Energy of a thought?

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Thu Nov 14 16:45:06 EST 1996

In article <skerrett-1411961651420001 at>, PJ Skerrett (skerrett at writes:
>I am trying to answer a reader's question for the monthly
>FYI column in Popular Science magazine. Can someone point
>me in the right direction, i.e., to an answer or to someone
>doing research in this area? Here's the question:
>     How much energy does it take to think a single thought?

Short *and* seriously - No! But consider the running of a program in
a computer being used at one time to recognise a finger-print, and
at another time to assemble and print a number of component
drawings for a complex machine. The second uses much more energy
than the first. 
        The question seemingly allows us to compare what happens in
a brain with the processing of information in a computer but we now
find ourselves without a definition of what constitutes a *single*
thought. Your reader might be well-advised to tackle this question

Cheers! Gord
>Thanks, in advance, for your help.
>PJ Skerrett
>Popular Science
>skerrett at

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