braindamage - habilitation

Hege Stensrud hege.stensrud at
Wed Nov 20 10:23:19 EST 1996

Is there anyone out there with firsthand experience of either Petö therapy/ Conductive Education or Doman/Delcato method of habilitation?

Neither of these two methods are recognized where we live. We have read what the Institutes say about themselves and also what most professionals say about Doman/Delcato. We are aware that the Doman/Delcato treatment is not given much credit. Nontheless these articles and televisionprograms about children that made considerable progress with either one of these methods keeps appearing, and as parents to a braindamaged child it makes quite an impression to see how ordinary working people spend so much time and money and effort on something that the specialists condemn. 

Anyone out there with firsthand experience of either one of these metods?
Anyone out there that knows of alternative methods of habilitation for young braindamaged children?

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Clas Ola

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