Realtime Brain Mapping

Nigel Goddard ngoddard at
Thu Nov 21 16:14:07 EST 1996

We provided the first demonstration of online mapping of cortex 
two days ago at the Supercomputing 96 conference in Pittsburgh.
While our subject was in the MRI scanner at University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center, the Cray T3E at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
analyzed the data - taking 2 minutes to reconstruct and register
3.5 minutes of scanner data - and an SGI Onyx on the conference floor
visualized the results.

Time lag between start of acquisition and start of visualization
was about six minutes, largely due to the scanner acquiring data in
large 3.5 minute chunks.  We know how to reduce this lag to under
ten seconds and can probably achieve less than five seconds with
current technology.

I am interested to know how clinicians might employ this technology
if it were routinely available.  Our motivation for developing this
capability has been to open up new dynamic experimental modes for
cognitive neuroscientists, but now that we have it there would seem
to be clinical applications.

See for
images and a movie.  That page is still under construction.

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