Visual cortex mapping?

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Thu Nov 21 13:31:38 EST 1996

>>>>> On 18 Nov 1996, hambone at (Doc Hambone) wrote:

  hambone> I just finished several articles in the May, 1996 issue of "IEEE
  hambone> Spectrum" that dealt with visual prosthetics.  One of the main
  hambone> hurdles still to be lept, along with advances in surgical
  hambone> techniques, is the mapping of the visual cortex - i.e. where to
  hambone> place the electrodes so that the phosphenes are observed in a
  hambone> pattern.  My question for this newsgroup is - would such a map be
  hambone> consistent from person to person, or does each visual cortex
  hambone> differ, requiring a seperate mapping procedure for each patient?

Physiological, anatomical and imaging studies show that there is certain
amount of gross structural similarity between the brains of different
individuals.  That's why, for example, it is possible for us to have maps of
the visual cortex at all.  But there is also individual variation -- the
locations of the gyri and sulci vary, for example, and so do the boundaries
between different visual regions.  So some mapping procedure would certainly
be necessary.

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