sperm selection by females

Teresa Binstock Teresa.Binstock at UCHSC.EDU
Fri Nov 22 15:43:37 EST 1996

Just to clarify my postion:

I realize that mammalian olfactory and vomeronasal tissues are involved 
in perception of sexually significant chemosignals.

In addition, our skin, mouth, esophagus, bronchi, and nasal cavity have 
cells whose primary purpose is sensing, evaluating, and reacting to (i) 
self-molecules on each organisms cells, and (ii) molecules arriving from 
sources exogenous to the organism. 

These immunological cells are extremely sexually dimorphic. I believe 
that a chemosensory model which omits immunological awareness is but a 
subset of "chemosensory" -- eg, models whose proponents (i) demand 
allegiance only to olfactory and vomeronasal tissues and (ii) enforce 
that immunological tissues not be considered a legitimate and important 
part of "chemosensory".


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