Graduate student positions available

Peter Ruben pruben at
Wed Nov 20 14:16:30 EST 1996

Research and teaching assistantships are available for qualified
students seeking a Ph.D. in molecular neuroscience.  Highly qualified
candidates have access to additional funding sources.

Our laboratory studies structure/function relationships in voltage gated
sodium channels, with an emphasis on the molecular mechanisms
controlling slow inactivation.  We are also interested in the
biophysical underpinnings of disease of excitability  that are caused by
mutations ins sodium channels (for example, paramyotonia congenita,
hyperkaelemic periodic paralysis, and long Q-T syndrome).  We have an
excellent publication and funding track record.

The Biology Department at Utah State University is a well-rounded
department within a Carnegie 1 research institution.  We have access to
excellent support facilities including the Biotechnology Center.  We
also enjoy close collaborations with several research groups at the
University of Utah, located 80 miles away in Salt Lake City.

Logan is located within scenic Cache Valley in Northern Utah. 
Surrounded by mountains, the Logan area has immediate access to many
recreational activities including skiing, mountain biking, hiking,
climbing, fishing, hunting, kayaking, camping, and more.  Logan is an
inexpensive place to live, yet offers cultural events of high quality
and quantity including theater, opera, chamber and orchestral music,
contemporary music and movies.

We welcome interested applicants.  For additional information, see our
web page at or send email to pruben at

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