sperm selection by females

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Excerpts from netnews.bionet.neuroscience: 23-Nov-96 Re: sperm selection
by females by Jim Kohl at vegas.infi.net 
> There also are several studies supporting speculation that this occurs in 
> humans.

If you are interested take a look at the article in New York Times Aug
31, 1993 (I am not sure of the title or author -- sorry ) and at "Human
Nose may hold an additional organ for a real sixth sense" by Sandra
Blakeslee in the New York Times September 7 1993.

I think there was also an article by Mark Roth entitled "A Sexual Scent,"
but I am not sure when that was published.  

They offer some interesting ideas about human olfaction, pheromones, and
how the human vomeronasal organ is thought to be effected and involved
with this selection process.

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