disorders of cerebellum

Leslie E. Packer, PhD lpacker at pipeline.com
Sun Nov 24 15:42:43 EST 1996

Any episodes of blurred or double vision or periods of urinary

How old is the patient?

mweiss at getnet.com (Mike Weiss) wrote:

>I'm seeking information on behalf of a patient whose MRI indicated a
>slight shrinkage of the cerebellum over a year ago. A follow up MRI has
>been recommended to determine the rate of shrinkage, if any, but her HMO
>won't approve it.

>The patient manifests slurred and slowed speech, poor coordination, a mild
>paraparesis and  collapses occasionally. In addition, she experiences some
>difficulty with depth perception and suffers from fatigue related

>This problem remains undiagnosed. What are the disorders
>could cause a shrinkage of the cerebellum and the clinical symptoms she
>manifests? Any advice regarding diagnosis and treatment or pointers to
>other sources of information will be greatly appreciated.

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