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>> > On NPR this mornig and on the CNN web pages was a discussion of the
>> > new memory drug, Ampakine CX-516.  It has been shown to have
>> > significant effects in rats and in humans, particularly in the
>> > elderly.  It is soon to be tested on Alsheimer's patients.
>> >
>> > Supposedly, this works by stimulating the "so-called AMPA receptors
>> > in the brain" and this improves the flow of information from one cell
>> > to another.  This brief description makes little sense to me as it
>> > was written and discussed and I have been unable to find out what
>> > AMPA receptors are.  If anyone there can help me I would appreciate
>> > it.  Thanks.
>> >
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>> A search on "Gary Lynch" might turn up some leads. Lynch is the researcher
>> who discussed the drug at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience
>> recently. ken collins
>Good idea.  Along this line, try the SFN's home page
>in a week or two.  I'd imagine they'd put something this big on their
>website.  When I used to go, they'd have a Press Release Office for
>these types of things.  
>Also, perhaps the NYT's Science Times would have it?
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There are a LOT of drugs(cannabinoids,psilocine,etc) which enhance
recalls but they are not recognised as such.
To understand why look at:

and read the paragraph on benzodiazepines and cannabinoids.
Cannabinoids ARE,indeed,memory enhancers but non-specific.
For reasons to be understood in my paper you will see that no drug
will ever be invented which could stimulate indefinetly useful recall
because there is a fundamental barrier(a bit like Heisenberg's problem
in physics)blocking recall abilities.
This barrier is called the "Illusion threshold"(Seuil d'illusion)


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