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     The Prometheus Project -- to perfect long-term suspended animation
within 20 years -- already has pledges for nearly one-third of its funding
($1M per year) for the first ten years of operation. The first phase of 
Project is a study of reversible brain cryopreservation for the purpose of
showing that the main goal is feasible. Since one of the major goals of
this first phase will be to show the full restoration of mental faculties
in a mammalian brain, the Project will need help from the neuroscience
community to suggest and/or develop methods by which this can be
scientifically verified and convincing demonstrated in such a reduced IO

     The Project scientific plans are largely in a formative stage as yet.
Experienced and credentialed scientific help is needed for the more
detailed planning necessary to complete the Project funding. 
until funding is in place, no remuneration is possible, but after funding
the employment of some neuroscientists on this project is a virtually
certainty. We also are looking for several neuroscientists for our, active
and oversight, Board of Scientific Advisors. These will be paid
appointments (again only after funding) with the amount of remuneration
depending on the contributions of the Advisor.

     The Prometheus Project will be conducted by a for-profit corporation
formed for that purpose. Therefore all pledges are for the purchase of
shares in that corporation and all scientists involved will receive shares
as part of the compensation for their help. As you can imagine if such a
Project does succeed, the profit potential is enormous.

For more information, check out the website below and then contact me.

Paul Wakfer   Phone: 416-968-6291  Pager: 800-805-2870


Check out the Prometheus Project web site at URL:

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