Left/right brain integration

Ian Walker iw103 at york.ac.uk
Wed Nov 27 04:57:30 EST 1996

I think your claim that many cognitive functions are distributed over 
both hemispheres is a little simplistic.  I think you may be well 
advised to look at some of the cognitive neuropsychological literature, 
which has shown that there people do tend to have localitzed functions, 
e.g., language (typically) the the left temporal region, object 
perception to the right parietal region.  A good starting point for 
this, despite its age, is:

Allis, A.W. & Young, A.W.(1988). Human Cognitive Neuropsychology. Hove: 

Although you may also be interested in:

Cossu, G., da Prati, E., & Marshall, J.C. (1995). Deep dyslexia and the 
right hemisphere hypothesis: Spoken and written language after extensive 
left hemisphere lesion in a 12-year-old boy. Cognitve Neuropsychology, 
12(4), 391-407.


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