Brain Wave Monitor

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Tue Oct 1 14:45:42 EST 1996

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> Hello all.  I apologise for posting this to multiple groups but I believe
> any/all of you could help me.
> I'm studying states of consciousness and the brain, and would like to build
> a brain wave monitor.  THis should be a fairly simple but sensitive radio
> receiver but I can not find any information about the frequencies emmited
> by the brain during different states - alpha, gamma etc.
> After studying the frequencies emmited during certain activities I hope to
> be able to stimulate the brain using EM waves during sleep to induce
> different types of dreams.
> If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, or think they could help please
> reply to this post or by E-Mail if you think the subject matter is not
> appropriate to the group.

The MedLine index is very complete. I'm sure you can find whatever material
you need there.

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