Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 1 00:10:44 EST 1996

Igor Rubets wrote:
> kenneth paul collins wrote:
> > ROFL... ken collins
> Don't know what ROFL means, but having a great respect to Dr. Collins join
> him in thinking that it was simply a joke (am I right, Dr. Collins?). And
> the date... Right after the First_of_April... A well-known (and respected
> in Russia!) day...
> igor

"ROFL" stands in for "rolling on the floor laughing"... I've replied to a 
couple of messages in that way... was this the one about brains exploding? 

I'm only a "mister"... ken
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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