An end to suicide, domestic & social violence & promoting social harmony, here's a non rude suggestion.

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kerrr response; m1, you've written a lot on this subject and suggested that
"room" exists for some sort of study....however, you only have one
reference.  I might not be a guru with your in depth knowledge of this
subject, however, neither are the corporations that you are so hopefully
courting.  in short; show me/us/the world your proof ! 
let's have some references!
this is the test to discriminate between what is merely plausible and what
is do-able.
I suppose that the other thing that i would ask is that you reveal yourself.
pseudonyms are for the scared, weird little guys of this world; you know who
i am, please return the courtesy.
I won't wish you any new-age stuff as I don't really feel any of that
sublime stuff.
instead, in anticipation of your reply,

>Peace and best wishes,
> The Harper Index, Jan. 95 stated; for every police officer killed
>in the line of duty, two commit suicide. It has been known since
>the 1970's that stress causes a reduction of serotonin in the
>central nervous system which is the leading cause of aggressive,
>violent behaviour and suicide. The body cannot upkeep serotonin
>in adequate amounts to correct this inadequacy so persons that
>live in high tense jobs are more susceptible to aggressive
>behaviour and suicide. Stress also causes illogical thought.
>Living in high stress conditions for prolonged periods of time
>can have numerous other negative effects upon a persons health.
> Surprisingly, there is very little options available to upkeep
>serotonin. The reason why there is so little available to
>upkeep serotonin is a mystery that I'd certainly like an explanation
>for. Actually, many compounds are highly effective at upkeeping
>serotonin and are of very low toxicity. These substances are just
>not available. The very minor choice of what is available is really
>not effective for the purpose of keeping serotonin at optimum levels
>for a person involved in a high stress job. In fact, of the minimum
>choice of what is available, some can create other neurochemical 
>imbalances. A great portion of social violence and suicide can be 
>attributed to the fact that effective substances that upkeep 
>serotonin in a safe and non toxic manner, simply are not available. 
>To complicate the situation further, the research into this realm of 
>science was suppressed for many years. Molecule One proposed a 
>research protocol aimed at investigating causation of social 
>violence, suicide and exploration of options to counteract this 
>problem. Molecule One proposed establishing a toxicology database to 
>reinvestigate substances based upon toxicity to humans. There are 
>scientists that have developed highly effective, low toxic and non 
>addictive  substances that are highly effective at upkeep of 
>serotonin even when the person is involved in a high stress workplace.
>Molecule One holds this to be very important research to conduct in 
>the present day society. The anticipated outcome would be a drastic 
>drop in social violence, random violence, aggressive behaviour, 
>domestic  violence and other pathologies and diseases that are the 
>end result of living in a high stress condition for many years. 
>Molecule One's corporate attorney suggested membership as a way to 
>measure interest in the population of who aggrees this important 
>research should proceed. Molecule One holds that the research is 
>important. Suicide in society can be stopped in a wonderful way. The 
>fact that this area of science/medicine has been neglected for many 
>years is realized. It is within our capacity to change this situation.
>The quality of life, quality of health standards and safety standards 
>all can increase by proceeding with this important research aimed at 
>ending violent, aggressive behaviour and suicide by introducing
>effective, safe substances that can upkeep serotonin in an effective
>manner. Molecule One invites you to read more about the concept at;
> and (mirror site). Molecule
>One welcomes students to communicate with students helping Molecule
>One and invites Corporate inquiry if the Corporation is interested
>in this proposed research and may want to participate. All the forms
>are available on the site and we welcome positive suggestions from
>any interested parties on how best to bring the concept to a
>global level. People suffer stress throughout the globe and are
>subject to the same condition everywhere. Molecule One holds that
>this is highly important research and can end violence and suicide
>if the concept and research is established correctly.
>     Thank you for reading this note and please, those
>persons that sent me rude email and flames, please refrain. There
>is a very important reason for suggesting this research and it has
>nothing to do with greed. I though it was distasteful to receive
>such rude email for a concept that can benefit so many in society.
>                                             Peace & best wishes,
>                                                        asim1
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